Meet the Team: Josh & Nathan

Life is never dull when you have these two around. Josh and Nathan are my youngest two brothers. Their busy lives as high schoolers keep them involved in many things, but they still play a key role in keeping the farm running. 

Josh is in his last year in 4-H and Nathan only has a few more years to go. They keep us going to 4-H shows and make the Great Darke County Fair extra interesting for now. In fact, it pains me to think about what the fair will look like when we don’t have any 4-H members… If I have my way, we will still be as involved as possible. 

These two keep things running at home by doing much of the chores including feeding, mucking stalls, rebedding stalls, and other “duties as assigned”. It has been fun to watch them grow up and get involved in some of the activities that Andrew and I were involved in. But they’ve gotten involved with new things too 🙂 

Josh is a fantastic fisherman and has competed in many tournaments including some national ones. If you haven’t figured it out yet, fishing is sort of a theme in our family. He is also a very talented drummer and recently became part of a band and travels around to do various gigs. There’s not a whole lot Josh can’t do. 

Nate follows closely after him with his involvement in fishing, hunting and drumming. He’s definitely the most cowboy of us all though. He has competed in the young men’s lead at the Great Darke County Fair many times and was successful with the cowboy, boots and vest, complete with the cowboy hat tip and wink for the judges 😉 If you’re not familiar, men’s and lady’s lead is a contest where you model an outfit comprised of as much wool as you can and bring your sheep with you. 

I’m more thankful for them than they realize, because without them, I’m not sure what the farm would look like now that I live away. I’m glad that they’ve kept it going and allowed it to grow to be bigger than it was when I moved out. 

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