Meet the Team: Andrew & Alli

So if you followed along last week, you know we are taking some time to introduce everyone who helps out with Narrow Gate Shetlands. These people just happen to be my family so…

Let me introduce you to my kinfolks.. 🙂 (To the tune of the Sam Hunt song)

This week I want you to meet Andrew and Alli. Andrew is my brother who was born two short years after me. We grew up as close friends and did many of the same activities together including 4-H! So he was there all along as we built Narrow Gate Farm. 

When we were in high school, we both served on Jr. Fair Board and were 4-H camp counselors. This is also how Andrew and Alli met! 

Alli also grew up near us and was involved in 4-H showing hogs and is playing sports. “Playing sports” seems understated. To our less than athletic family she has brought a new level of competition to our backyard football games with her softball throwing arm. 

Andrew and Allison got married in October of 2018. The last several years, Alli has become more and more involved with the farm and is arguably more involved than Andrew at this point. 

Andrew still helps whenever things need “built” or “fixed” and is around at the Great Darke County Fair for help as needed. Although he prefers not to be in the show ring with the Shetlands, Alli has been more than happy to take his place. 🙂 

Alli has been a great addition to our sales portion of the farm as well! She often attends holiday shows with my mom (Melissa). She even puts her creative side to work by completing felting projects such as ornaments and other decorations to sell. 

Andrew and Alli (and really the whole family) enjoy fishing in their spare time. They’ve turned their hobby into a small business, by selling custom fishing baits that they create. If you’re into fishing you should check out their Facebook Page

Besides the fact that we are family, the thing that we all have most in common is our love for lambing season. And yes we are still waiting for 2020 lambs 🙂 

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