The Story of Joey

This year, lambing season seemed to go pretty smoothly. We had 17 lambs born. Two were born in freezing temps outside and didn’t survive because we hadn’t predicted that the ewe was ready to give birth so soon.

One of our oldest ewes, ten years old, gave birth to two healthy twins. A ewe lamb and a beautiful ram lamb. Unfortunately, days after they were born, another mother acted aggressively towards the lambs.

The ram lamb seemed a little shaken. After watching him we noticed that our old ewe was not taking care of him any longer. He started to become weak because she quit feeding him.

We were quit unsure what to do. One morning we went out and saw him weak and exhausted. So I picked him up, brought him in the house, and wrapped him in a blanket. He wasn’t ready to suck from a bottle yet, so we thought about how we could nurse him back to health.

I ran to the local Tractor Supply and Rural King to pick up what I could. When I returned, we worked on feeding him with a feeding tube.

Now we’ve been dong this for ten years and never fed a lamb with a feeding tube. But my nurse mother felt comfortable giving it a try to save this beautiful little lamb.

There were times when we were discouraged. Things did not always go perfectly, but we watched the lamb round clock and monitored for signs of improvement. At one point even I had to feed him with the tube based only on what I had observed and some prayers.

My father who is usually against animals in the house told us to name the lamb Joey. We aren’t sure why, but we went with it since he was being so accommodating to the lamb in his home.

Our loyal and loving, two-year-old German Shepherd Barrett, also kept a close eye on Joey and even kept him warm with his cuddles. He alerted us when Joey needed something and the two have become quite the pair.

So if you’ve seen our posts and wondered why we have a lamb in the house…this is why. Don’t worry! Joey is healthy and can drink from a bottle now. He just requires frequent care so it is more convenient to keep him inside in a diaper than to run outside every few house.

We have no doubt, Joey will be a family favorite. We expect a full recovery and for Joey to return to normal lamb life outside someday 🙂

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