Meet the Team: Mark & Melissa

Mark & Melissa at the Great Darke County Fair

Mark and Melissa wanted their children to be in 4-H just like they were as kids. Mark showed market lambs and rabbits and Melissa took sewing, cooking, and beef steers. They decided to have their children start out with market lambs back in 2003.

Several years later, at the request of their little girl, they bought a starter flock of Shetland sheep. Their children still continue to show the Shetlands in 4-H and open class.

Soon they realized that something needed to be done with all the wool. Melissa started coming up with creative ways to use all of the beautiful Shetland fleeces. Her work at Narrow Gate Farm consists of day-to-day farm operations, wool processing, crochet, felting, craft shows, and more.

More about Melissa

Melissa has worked as a Registered Nurse for many years. She continues to do so part-time for a home health care business. With four kids (2 out of the house now) Melissa squeezes in the time to crochet whenever she can. Sometimes that means in the evenings after dinner or in the car waiting to pick up her kids from something. It’s truly amazing to see her creativity and talent, especially knowing that she is self-taught.

The wool processing and products sales only exist because of her. Without her we wouldn’t be where we are today with Narrow Gate Farm!

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