Our Story

Narrow Gate farm has grown and changed tremendously since it began. FromIMG_20180919_093729_698.jpg the beginning, the farm was created to supplement a 4-H market lamb project with a breeding sheep project. The goal was to teach hard work and responsibility to us kids.

Shetland Sheep were chosen for the farm due to their small size, low maintenance requirements, friendly demeanor and let’s be real, they’re adorable. The only purpose we had for them was to provide joy to our family while teaching responsibility, but it didn’t take long to realize that they produced A LOT of beautiful wool.

At first, the wool, collected once a year, was stored in boxes. As the farm grew, we were running out of boxes. We also realized that we had premium quality wool that should be put to good use. ThIMG_20181013_105146_951.jpgus began the wool processing part of the farm.

After this realization, mom spent time learning about Shetland wool and how to crochet. She took the wool from off the sheep through the washing stage, spinning, and then crocheted it into the final product. This process still occurs, but we now send the majority our wool to a wool mill that speeds up the process.

Now we are producing more products from our wool than ever before and at various stages.

  • raw wool (right off the sheep)
  • roving (clean wool that has been prepared for smooth spinning)
  • yarn (hand-spun & machine-spun)
  • natural dyed wool/yarn
  • felted wool into crafts and useful items like dryer balls
  • and of course blankets, scarves, hats, and more that we’ve crocheted (we will soon be adding knitted products)

Even though much has changed, the goal of the farm has stayed the same except for a small extension to educate the public about wool and agriculture. The passion we havefor our farm is just as strong as in the beginning and we hope to share the joy that it has brought to us with our customers.



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